Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pickles and beef jerky

Yes, I did just title a post, "Pickles and beef jerky." Gotcha didnt I? Because what in the world could follow with such a title?

My Big E does not have much need for toys. He has an Ipad he adores, and a few musical toys that play clasical music which he also loves. But, not much else really floats this kids boat. Some kids with autism just never really develop the desire, or ability to play with toys. That is my Big E.

FOOD is what gets my boys attention. We have had quite the rotation of food obsessions over the years. There was the year of "the frosted mini-wheat." I am pretty sure I kept the Giant Food Store, wondering why it was next to impossible for them to keep mini-wheats on their shelves that year. From Christmas that year,  I have this hysterical picture of E unwrapping a giant bag of mini-wheats that my mom bought him from Costco. His happiness over something as simple as shredded frosted wheat, is something I wish he could give us all.

We have graduated from sugary wheat covered squares. He wont touch the stuff now. Finally, too much of a good thing. But, dont worry he has a new food combo favorite. Yes, you guessed it, "pickles and beef jerky."

When he walks through the door after school, I am ready. I have either the jerky at standby, or a bowl of the pickles. It's not just any pickle mind you. He will only eat Mt. Olive Kosher Hamburger Dill Slices. I made the mistake of getting the bread and butter variety...once. No go, he spit them out and looked at me like I had lost my mind.

Then there is the jerky. Have you seen the price of beef jerky? I mean, there are like two or three strips of jerky, in a bag that averages around 5 or 6 bucks! He goes through that in one sitting. So, we ration the jerky. Its like his caviar. Every couple of days he gets to have his "caviar" of after school snacks.

Even though it drives me crazy, it gives ME so much joy, to bring such joy, to a boy who otherwise is pretty hard to please. Toys are optional, but food is a must!

I am sure by the end of this year we will have graduated from pickles and jerky, and will have yet another food fascination upon us. I cant help but wonder what 2014 will bring.....