Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Long time no talk

It has been 3 and a half months since I've posted a word here. Thought maybe it was time to call it quits since I was struggling to find the time and energy to blog. But, I see how many of you still find the time to check in here. Basically, if you all can do it, so can I.

Updates on the three munchkin bunchkins:

Big E

He is healthy. He is "mostly" happy. He is still our rock star.


He is in third grade! He is still the most incredible brother to his sibs he could possibly be. He makes me proud each and every day.

Miss Mama Mia

She is improving! I mean really improving! She is using so much more language and has a budding interest in her peers!

I will try to blog more in the upcoming weeks. Thankfully, I am still getting to freelance for Central Penn Parent. And, I am working on a children's book. Hey, it may take me a couple years to write and publish it...but I am determined to do so. Hint: the book is about a brother's love for his two siblings who have autism.