Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Transitioning to school age

I had to go register Mia for kindergarten yesterday. Normally, this is an exciting, as well as, a bit anxious time for parents. All I feel is pure anxiety.

I even went to the wrong school to register her. Showed up at one elementary when I was supposed to be at another. The very helpful and kind school secretary told me so. Right after she asked where my child was. To which I replied, "Mia has autism and cannot participate fully in a screening." Her mouth opened wide and she said, "You have TWO children with autism?" "Yup, I said, lucky me."

Then I felt bad and wondered if that wasn't the best reply. What else could I have said? Oh yes, but that's fine. They are wonderful (which they are!). I know people are blown away on a regular basis regarding the amount of challenges my family has faced. I respect their admiration deeply. However, I never want their pity. So, ultimately I don't know what the best reply should have been. I very often use humor to diffuse a tricky situation or question. So that is what I did.

Getting back to "Miss Mama Mia."  She has been at a private school for children with autism for the past two years. I had hoped that maybe she would have made enough progress, so that she would be ready to enter kindergarten with her peers. That has not happened, although she has made considerable progress. Now the task is to keep her at this setting to monitor and support her continued progress, so that in the future, a less restrictive environment will be in her best interest.

I worry about absolutely everything. Will she become more communicative? Will she become interested in her peers? Will she be able to go to new places without extreme anxiety? These are all unknowns at this point. And just like with her brother with autism, I know that the most important thing is to NEVER give up hope. To expect great things, and great things will come.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I survived.

 I survived it. Vista break week, March 4th - 8th.

At the end of every single loooong break week, all I can think of is, where is my SHIRT? You know, the one that reads, "I survived a break week."

This week was no different. So here I am getting ready for bed (thank god) and all I want to do is grab that "pretend" T-shirt, and a glass of wine and decompress.

Here are some highlights of the week:

-Ethan basically decided clothing was optional approximately 50% of the week.

-Mia decided eating was optional 60 % of the week.

-There was only one "Ethan escape" and I returned with him without the assistance of 911.

-The IPads are both still intact despite a few head butts and drop kicks.

-There were only four major meltdowns. Two of which, were Momma's.

Tomorrow I head to King of Prussia Mall with a friend.  I think I've earned it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mia Grace

Five years old you turn today.
Your life has not been as we expected, I would say.
You may not be typical in many ways.
But, we celebrate your uniqueness, and count the days.
Until you can tell us more about how you feel.
We already know, that you are bright, beautiful, and real.
You have made such progress, and we are so proud.
To call you our daughter, our princess, aloud.
Five years old you turn today.
You are not as we expected, but SO much more, I say.