Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It seems to me that autism can be like the wind. Some days, barely noticeable, just a steady manageable breeze.  Other days, it is howling, so fierce you fear your home, and all that inhabit it, will be picked up and carried away.

Well it has been windy around here lately. Mostly because I have been dealing with Mia's transition from Early Intervention to a preschool program.  Boy how I love Early Intervention.  Those therapists come right to your home providing guidance and education to you the parent, while giving your child therapy in the comfort of their home.  I remember back when Early Intervention ended for Ethan.  I felt a bit lost then too.  But, we "found" The Vista School and we were not alone for long.

Mia has had pretty intense ABA/VB programming since this past June.  I am really proud of the team of individuals we have had working with her.  I have had quite a few parents and professionals remark on our accomplishments.  I am very thankful for Mary Barbera, our BCBA.  She has pushed me when I needed pushed and guided me when I was struggling.  I have learned so much from her and continue to, and I thought I already knew alot! 

I am currently working hard to continue to make the best decisions for Mia.  It is pretty much a full-time job.  I am really worried about her and how she will do without me right beside her, as I have been up to now.  How can I protect her? What if it is all too much for her? I am so used to being right there to comfort and support her. She is transitioning, but so am I really. This period of change is hard, but necessary.

There is more to come, so I better "batten down those hatches".  For sure that wind will pick back up again.  Hopefully, setting us back down somewhere safe and equally comforting.  Those winds of change can be a good thing.  I feel the need to repeat that to myself.  Those winds of change can be a good thing.

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