Monday, March 12, 2012

Smooth sailing

Can't remember the last time I would characterize our life as easygoing. But, right now, when I am asked how things are going, I can (sincerely) reply, "pretty darn good."

Big E and little M are holding their own. E just had yet another clear scan, which means he is STILL CANCER FREE. He is also relatively relaxed and happy, with really low problem behaviors. We made it through a break week with only one "escape" and I located him quickly. Thank god for good neighbors.

Little M continues to slowly improve her communication skills, and recently has become far more social. As I type this, she is peppering me with requests...lollipop? cracker? outside? Watching her chase and play hide and seek with her older brother is my favorite thing to do now. There was a time that I questioned her ability to ever engage with her siblings.

Of course there still are many, and I mean MANY challenges that we face daily. Sleep, what is that? Stress? Oh yeah got lots of that. Love? well that's what sustains us. We genuinely love our unique family.

So I think I will get off this computer and go enjoy my beautiful,unique,family. Why don't you do the same.


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