Friday, September 21, 2012

Time flies

Cannot believe its been since April that I have posted anything. Time flies period, whether you are having fun or not. Not that I haven't been having any fun mind you. But, things have been busy. 

Summer was good. We joined our community pool, and guess what? Nothing terrible happened. Mia didn't try to swim naked (thank god). She also had no fear of the water, just like Big E. Nick took a swim class and completely mastered his fear of "the deep end". He was diving off the diving board within a few weeks of his last class!

The new school year has begun and the kids are all doing really well. Nick loves his second grade class. Ethan and Mia are still doing well at Vista. Miss Mia is exploring Vista like never before. She is loving their indoor pool and is ASKING to go for walks around the campus! This is the girl that had near panic attacks last year at the thought of venturing outside her classroom. Big E is back with his longtime favorite teacher and seems quite happy about it. 

I am ready for what this new school year will bring. 

I think.

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